Where do I start? :preparation

Hello! If you are wondering where to begin, we recommend starting in order with the first tab, under Lessons. Our goal is to follow the Bible Framework by Charlie Clough, going through the major events of the Bible in order to build understanding, starting with the Creator/creature distinction and leading up to the time of Christ. Starting with Christ ignores the purpose of the Old Testament and the 4000 years of preparation leading to the Incarnation. We HIGHLY recommend listening to Charlie Clough’s Bible Framework series before teaching this curriculum.

After some amount of trial and error in teaching this material to children, this year we started with an overview on Biblical and secular world views. This has given the children a head start in seeing how the Biblical perspective is separate from the world as we go through the Framework lessons. It is amazing how well they are able to recognize different world views!

In the first year we taught the lessons for one week each, but the result was some lessons were rushed and did not resonate well. This year we have spent several weeks on some lessons and taken the more narrative lessons at a faster pace. Some weeks we will combine a discussion session with a narrative lesson. All of the lessons are also categorized on the side in case you want to begin with a more topical approach or search for a specific topic. Under Supporting videos and activities, you will find an ongoing YouTube list of helpful videos. (Please note, we do not necessarily support any theological viewpoints that may be associated with the videos listed.)